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Enhance your instruction with this beloved newspaper.

Digital Connection

Digital Connection

The Well

The Well

Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying


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North Carolina History

Our digital history textbook of primary sources and multimedia.

American Indians

A guide to some of the best resources for teaching about American Indians.

Differentiated Instruction

Teaching all students in the 21st-century classroom.

Online Courses

Professional Development for Teachers - Any Time, Any Place!

A Crash Course in ESL

Create a welcoming environment for ESL students and their parents.

Co-Teaching that Works!

Explore methods to design an effective co-teaching environment.

Paintings as windows to the past

Bring the fine arts into your history classroom. In this online course, students will explore proven strategies to bring the fine arts into the history classroom in order to broach history content. Paintings will become the primary sources through which students begin to explore the past.


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SciREN annual networking event for STEM teachers

K-12 educators are invited to connect with STEM researchers and bring local research into their classroom through the annual SciREN networking event on November 13, 2014 at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences.

Take a Child Outside Week 2014

Celebrate the great outdoors during the annual "Take a Child Outside" week of programs near you!


Stock your toolbox with practical, time-saving classroom ideas and cutting edge methods of instruction. Find useful, free technology to utilize in the classroom. At Instructify, we share sites, tools, and apps that will enhance your students' learning.

Digital Public Library of America

  This is an amazing site with 8,007,019 items from libraries, archives, and museums that are sure to be engaging for both students and teachers. This site has amazing search capabilities that are easy to use for everyone. Be sure to check out the timeline tab as well! Students can click on a time in …

National Archives

If you are teaching US history and looking for some student friendly, engaging primary sources try the National Archives site http://www.archives.gov. Once there, you have access to materials that can help students and teachers research their history as well as the country’s history. Be aware, though, that the site is not designed for students so …

Library of Congress

Ever wish that you could take your students to the Library of Congress? Well now you can virtually take them by visiting the site http://www.loc.gov. While the amount of information available is overwhelming and a little tricky to navigate, teachers and students have free access to our largest library’s online collection of multimedia resources.

The Well

It can be hard for teachers to access the latest research, both in education and specific content areas. The Well brings you research briefs and practical tips for implementing Carolina's latest research in your classroom today.

Housing Identity Privilege and Our Public Schools

According to the recent report “Brown v. Board of Education at 60,” schools across the United States have become resegregated since the civil rights era with more than 40% of Black and Latino students attending schools whose populations are 90% to 100% minority (Orfield, Kucsera, & Siegel-Hawley, 2012). Authors Gooden and Thompson Dorsey explore this report and how the concept of housing identity privilege weakens our ability to address school segregation.

LGBTQIA Resources for Teachers

LEARN NC and Safe Schools NC, an organization working towards equality in education, have teamed up to make LGBTQIA resources available to teachers.


Mark Dawson, an undergraduate at the University of North Carolina, was dissatisfied with the lack of community between teachers at his high school in Mississippi. He and his friend Grace Sullivan, an undergraduate at the University of Mississippi, have created the EMBRACE Program to address this issue.

Village of Wisdom

William Jackson, a doctoral candidate at UNC, is implementing a program in Durham, NC that will improve the lives and academic outcomes of African American boys by supporting their families.