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Digital Connection

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The Well

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Cyber Bullying


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North Carolina History

Our digital history textbook of primary sources and multimedia.

American Indians

A guide to some of the best resources for teaching about American Indians.

Differentiated Instruction

Teaching all students in the 21st-century classroom.

Online Courses

Professional Development for Teachers - Any Time, Any Place!

A Crash Course in ESL

Create a welcoming environment for ESL students and their parents.

Co-Teaching that Works!

Explore methods to design an effective co-teaching environment.

Ethics and Safety for your School

Self-paced ethics protection course provided by the Carolina Center for Educational Excellence.


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Twenty Four Seven Science

  The Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkley has put together a fun site for students in 3rd grade through middle school. There are several fun games that drive home basic science concepts, like Bridge Builders and Crystals. Scroll down to find science comics in both English and Spanish. This site is well organized …


This app holds hundreds of fun, creative ideas of things to make and build. Instructions are kid friendly and the app will hold a digital scrapbook of your creations to share. Great ideas for rainy days, science projects, and fun!

Test Precision

Preparing for college entrance exams is a stressful experience for students. This app can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices and tailors questions to the student’s strengths and vulnerabilities. This can also be upgraded to receive a tutoring function.


Tiny Tap is a free App that can be downloaded using iTunes and Google Play where teachers and students can create their own learning apps and play learning apps created by their classmates. Looking for that “just right” app for students to practice a new concept but can’t find it? Create it on TinyTap. Looking …

The National World War II Museum

This museum, located in New Orleans, has put together many multidisciplinary WWII resources. There are amazing primary sources, science lessons discussing the technology and scientific advancements during the war, and of course, many high quality, highly engaging historical references. And because most teachers cannot actually take their students to the museum, they offer a number …

The Well

It can be hard for teachers to access the latest research, both in education and specific content areas. The Well brings you research briefs and practical tips for implementing Carolina's latest research in your classroom today.

“Falling through the cracks”: Challenges for High School Students with Autism

High School is a challenge for most students, and for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) it tends to be an even more difficult transition. In order to explore some of the challenges that these students and their service providers …

Dual Language Programs: Language as More than Communication

In October, UNC School of Education Assistant Professor Dr. Claudia Cervantes-Soon shared her research on Dual Language Programs from the perspective of Latin@ students in a presentation entitled “Interrupting the Silence of Latin@ Students in Dual Language Education.” Dual Language …