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Digital Connection

Digital Connection

The Well

The Well

Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying


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North Carolina History

Our digital history textbook of primary sources and multimedia.

American Indians

A guide to some of the best resources for teaching about American Indians.

Differentiated Instruction

Teaching all students in the 21st-century classroom.

Online Courses

Professional Development for Teachers - Any Time, Any Place!

A Crash Course in ESL

Create a welcoming environment for ESL students and their parents.

Co-Teaching that Works!

Explore methods to design an effective co-teaching environment.

Paintings as windows to the past

Bring the fine arts into your history classroom. In this online course, students will explore proven strategies to bring the fine arts into the history classroom in order to broach history content. Paintings will become the primary sources through which students begin to explore the past.


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Free online course for ELA middle and high school teachers

Secondary English teachers are invited to apply to be a part of an online digital writing and critical literacy online course.

Host a North Carolina Science Festival event at your school!

Calling all North Carolina educators -- here is your opportunity to bring the North Carolina Science Festival (NCSF) to your school!

The Middle East and World War I

Usually when we talk about World War I, we think only of Europe, but the Middle East also played an important role. This resource provides rich content to use in teaching students about the Ottoman Empire and the First World War.

August news from the NC Civic Education Consortium

Find professional development opportunities for North Carolina educators in this edition of the NC CEC newsletter.

Free courses for teachers

Two UNC School of Education doctoral students, Hillary Parkhouse and Ariel Tichnor-Wagner, are offering online courses through LEARN NC to help teachers become more globally competent.


Stock your toolbox with practical, time-saving classroom ideas and cutting edge methods of instruction. Find useful, free technology to utilize in the classroom. At Instructify, we share sites, tools, and apps that will enhance your students' learning.

The Well

It can be hard for teachers to access the latest research, both in education and specific content areas. The Well brings you research briefs and practical tips for implementing Carolina's latest research in your classroom today.

An Interactive Tool for Developing Global Competence in Teaching

This week, I am proud to introduce a guest writer for The Well. Hillary Parkhouse is a fourth year doctoral student in the Culture, Curriculum, and Change strand within UNC’s School of Education. She, along with two other doctoral students, Ariel …

A Link Between Teacher Contracts and Teacher-Quality Gaps?

An Education Week article by Stephen Sawchuk published in April 2014 entitled Are Contracts to Blame for Teacher-Quality Gaps? examines recent studies focusing on the relationship between teacher contracts and teacher quality, including a study by UNC Chapel Hill education professor, Lora Cohen Vogel.

Free Courses for Teachers

Two UNC School of Education doctoral students, Hillary Parkhouse and Ariel Tichnor-Wagner, are offering online courses through LEARN NC to help teachers become more globally competent.