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CareerStart lessons: Grade six

These lessons will help students understand how classroom lessons about geography, history, and the environment, economics, politics, and culture of South America and Europe are applicable to future careers.

The lessons address the following questions:

  • Lesson #1: What careers make regular use of map skills?
  • Lesson #2: Why is a passport an important document for national security?
  • Lesson #3: What is farming in the real world really like?
  • Lesson #4: Why are the ancient Greeks important to our modern lives?
  • Lesson #5: Why is important to know about currency and exchange rates?
  • Lesson #6: What kinds of real world careers directly connect with one of the five themes of geography?
  • Lesson #7: What practical career skills can be learned from studying World War I?
  • Lesson #8: How did the Industrial Revolution permanently change jobs in manufacturing?
  • Lesson #9: What is a cartographer?
  • Lesson #10: What careers are available in the travel and tourism industry?

Lessons and relevant careers

Concept/Lesson Career Activity
1. Map skills Transportation Career research
2. Movement of people Government, national security Create a passport
3. Physical environment Agriculture Graphic organizer, research, reading activity
4. Ancient Greece Medical field Graphic organizer, Hippocratic Oath activity
5. Currency Travel Currency exchange activity, career research
6. Five themes of geography Agriculture, trade, law enforcement, industry, economy Nation research and booklet activity
7. Debate Politics Political debate
8. Industrial Revolution Manufacturing jobs Assembly line activity
9. Resources of South America Various, including cartography, land surveying, and agriculture Map-making activity
10. Modern Europe and South America Travel and tourism Commercial/skit