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CareerStart lessons: Grade six

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  2. About the lessons
  1. 1 English language arts
    1. 1.1Using reference materials
    2. 1.2Autobiographical expression
    3. 1.3Finding hidden messages in advertising
    4. 1.4Grammar and editing
    5. 1.5Solving problems, writing solutions
    6. 1.6Career research and acrostic poetry
    7. 1.7Details and sequencing
    8. 1.8Fact and opinion in the real world
    9. 1.9Comparing and contrasting careers
    10. 1.10Cause and effect in the workplace
  2. 2 Math
    1. 2.1Law enforcement careers: Working with decimals
    2. 2.2Food service professionals: Working with fractions
    3. 2.3Sales careers: Working with percents
    4. 2.4Meteorologists: Working with data analysis
    5. 2.5Phi: The divine proportion
    6. 2.6Marketing careers: Working with scale drawings
    7. 2.7Biologists: Working with probability
    8. 2.8Medical careers: Working with probability
    9. 2.9Home renovation: Working with area
    10. 2.10General contractors: Working with area
  3. 3 Science
    1. 3.1Using inquiry skills
    2. 3.2Chuck Yeager and technological design
    3. 3.3Evaluate forces: Earthquakes
    4. 3.4Uses of rocks and minerals
    5. 3.5Inquiry: You are an earthworm
    6. 3.6International Space Station scenario
    7. 3.7NASA spin-offs
    8. 3.8Sound properties and careers in music
    9. 3.9Energy: Concepts and careers
    10. 3.10Eco-tourism in the Outer Banks
  4. 4 Social studies
    1. 4.1Map skills and transportation careers
    2. 4.2Careers in border security: Working with passports
    3. 4.3European and South American agriculture
    4. 4.4Careers in medicine and the ancient Greeks
    5. 4.5Careers in travel: Working with currency exchange
    6. 4.6The five themes of geography
    7. 4.7World War I political debate
    8. 4.8Car mania: The legacy of the Industrial Revolution
    9. 4.9Resources of South America
    10. 4.10Let's take a trip: Careers in tourism
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