Commemorative landscapes

A close-up of the bottom of the Unsung Founders memorial in on UNC's campus in Chapel Hill

Commemorative landscapes

By Kate Allman, Summer Pennell, and Cassadi Walden

Provided by UNC Libraries / Documenting the American South

These lessons were developed in collaboration with The University of North Carolina Library Commemorative Landscapes collection to introduce and promote student understanding and writing of North Carolina’s history through commemorative sites, landscapes, and markers. Using arts-integration methods,these lessons encourage K-12 students to make observations, pose questions, form hypotheses, and learn about North Carolina history through the monuments included in the collection. At the same time, the lessons pose questions about the limitations and gaps left by the stories they tell and don’t tell — encouraging students to read, write, think, and speak like historians and use their new understanding to participate in and create change within their local communities. Like all LEARN NC lessons, these resources are aligned to North Carolina Essential Standards and Common Core State Standards.

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