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Colonial and state records of North Carolina

Map of North Carolina showing county divisions from 1700-1912

Colonial and state records of North Carolina

By Lara Willox

Provided by UNC Libraries / Documenting the American South

These lessons for fourth or eighth grade are designed to help students learn about North Carolina history using primary source documents from the Colonial and State Records of North Carolina collection. This collection, digitized by Documenting the American South in cooperation with the North Carolina Collection at the University of North Carolina Library, is a large collection of transcribed and printed documents covering North Carolina’s history from its founding to shortly after the ratification of the United States Constitution.

In these lessons, specific documents from this collection are highlighted in order to introduce students to events from colonial times, including immigration, conflicts, and compromises. Through these lesson, students not only learn about important historical concepts related to North Carolina and United States history, but they also develop and hone the skills necessary to read and interpret primary source documents. These skills are the basis for developing the ability to think critically and deeply about larger historical concepts and ideas.

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