woman holding open voting booth curtain

Election 2008

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newspapers in vending machines on election day

Election day makes the front page in two Troy, New York newspapers. (Image source. More about the photograph)


Vote 2008 (PBS)
National election coverage and state-by-state analysis from PBS NewsHour, web-based tools and widgets from public radio and television stations, and RSS feeds and podcasts.
Time: Election ‘08 (Time & CNN)
Ongoing news and analysis of the campaign from Time magazine. Includes a White House photo blog with candid images captured by reporters in Washington, DC and on the campaign trail.
New York Times Election Guide 2008
News, features, and one-stop pages for comparing candidates and examining issues. Candidate schedules and poll results are also available. Interactive maps of the fifty states track elections for president, governors, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. See who is leading in the polls, identify key states, and create your own election scenarios.
Post Politics 2008 (The Washington Post)
In addition to extensive coverage of the Presidential race, interactive tools and candidate guides the site also provides a political browser that sorts through web-based election news, blogs and polls. The Post currently requires registration for access to its website. Because its campaign coverage is so thorough, we continue to list it here. After registering, you will need to remember a password or to have cookies enabled in your browser.
Hot Off the Trail (McClatchy)
A group blog co-authored by journalists who write for the McClatchy newspaper company. Covers late breaking comments and national political incidents, the journalist’s perspective on mainstream media happenings, behind-the-scenes campaign activities, and recent poll data pertaining to the 2008 presidential election. The McClatchy Company operates 32 daily newspapers in 29 markets, with a total circulation of 3.3 million.

News for Kids

Countdown to Election 2008 (Scholastic News)
News from the campaign trail aimed at kids, as well as activities that teach about the election process.