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Intellectual Freedom Toolkit


Intellectual Freedom Toolkit

By Will Cross and Kimberly Hirsh

Welcome to the Intellectual Freedom Toolkit. This toolkit was developed by Kimberly Hirsh, managing editor of LEARN NC, and Will Cross, Director of Copyright and Digital Scholarship at NC State University.

Use the menu bar at the right of the page to navigate the toolkit. Sections of the toolkit are described below.

Process: A walkthrough of a typical reconsideration process, including considerations when convening a committee.

Policies: Information about finding your school’s relevant policies and creating new policies.

Paperwork: Example paperwork for formal complaints, white papers submitted to administrators, and reconsideration committee packets.

Justifying Inclusion: Tools for justifying keeping a work in the library.

Recommended Reading: Books, articles, and websites to provide you with more information about navigating the challenge process.

Court Cases: Court cases relevant to intellectual freedom in school libraries.

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