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Nov. 18, Sunday.

We arose in good spirits, although several of the Brethren had not been able to sleep for the cold, for our cabin is small, and the roof full of holes. Several of the Brethren went hunting, and succeeded in getting a couple of wild turkeys, the first game we have had, for although on our trip we tried to secure some game this is the first we have shot. Otherwise we spent the day resting. In the evening we had our first Liturgy, — the “Ave Agnus Dei,” — then evening prayer, and went once more to bed, lying in our blankets around the room, and Br. Gottlob in his hammock above our heads.

Nov. 19th, Monday.

Close-up photograph of cornmeal mush in a blue bowl.

Cornmeal mush was one of the staples of the brothers’ diet. Image source. About the photograph

After morning prayer the axes and hatchets were sharpened, and other tools made ready for use. Br. H. Loesch took a couple of horses to Mr. Altem’s to bring corn for us. We began to build a bake-oven, so that we might again have bread, of which we have had little lately. Our food has been largely pumpkin broth and mush, which has agreed with us very well. The Brn. Nathanael and Jacob Loesch measured off eight acres of land, which is to be cleared at once, so that wheat can be sown. Others began to gather the dead wood, and build bonfires. The grind-stone was set up, a cooper’s bench and wash-trough made. The Brn. Gottlob, Nathanael, and Grube laid a floor of clapboards in our cabin, for the better protection of our goods. In the evening Br. Grube held singstunde and evening prayer.

Nov. 20th.

Br. Nathanael held morning prayer, and announced that the Lord’s Supper would be celebrated this evening. At noon Br. Hermanus returned, bringing the cornmeal and meat he had bought from Mr. Altem. Br. Feldhausen went hunting. In the afternoon it rained, which interfered with our work. We baked Lovefeast bread in a pan, using cornmeal. Br. Feldhausen did not return this evening. We blew our horn, and shot a couple of times, so that if he had lost his way he could come back to us. As he did not appear we were obliged to postpone the Communion until tomorrow. Our dear Gottlob held the singstunde and evening prayer, and then we went peacefully to rest.

Nov. 21st.

Br. Gottlob held morning prayer; then each went to his work. Merkli, Erich, Peterson, and Beroth began to clear the field; Br. Hermanus went seven miles to an Irishman to buy corn; the Brn. Gottlob and Nathanael burned out hollow logs to make barrels; and Br. Grube baked Indian bread in the ashes. Br. Feldhausen also returned. He had not lost his way, but night had overtaken him. It was very cold, but on account of the rain he could make no fire, so had to keep in motion all night. The wolves and panthers made themselves heard around him. Toward evening Br. Hermanus came back, having shot the first deer on our land. It was very welcome, for we had little food left, and much work to do, and it is hard to clear fields on a diet of corn only. In the evening we had a Lovefeast, with cornbread, and wished that our dear ones in Bethlehem could spend a short hour with us in our little cabin. Then preparation was made for the Communion. The Brethren seated themselves along two sides of the room, with the new little table between, opposite the chimney. Our dear Gottlob made a short talk concerning the Sacrament; then we knelt in spirit at the Saviour’s pierced feet, and prayed that His pierced hands might be laid upon us in absolution. Finally we partook of the Sacrament for the first time in North Carolina. Our hearts were deeply moved by His grace, as we sang an appropriate hymn, and our love for one another was strengthened. Then we spread our blankets, and lay peacefully down in our little church, — as the cabin seemed after the service.

Nov. 22nd.

Our dear Nathanael held the morning prayer, and reminded us that this was the 32nd birthday of our dear Brother Jacob Loesch; we sang several verses for him, and wished him all happiness and blessing in his work in this land. Lischer, Hermanus, and Haberland took the wagon to Altem’s for meal, and for some pumpkins which he had offered us as a gift. Loesch and Feldhausen went hunting, but returned empty-handed. We had a little Lovefeast in honor of Br. Jacob Loesch, and rejoiced with him over his call of grace. Br. Gottlob held the singstunde.