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These teaching suggestions are designed to help fourth-grade teachers discuss the article “Elisha Mitchell and his Mountain” with students.

  • Use the following as guiding questions for reading:
    • What jobs did Elisha Mitchell have throughout his life?
    • What was the hypothesis Elisha Mitchell made? What steps did he take to prove that hypothesis?
  • Have students list the science words in the article and use the words for vocabulary development.
  • Challenge activity: Have students look at the names of people mentioned in this article. Challenge students to find places in North Carolina named for these people. You could do this by showing a North Carolina map on an interactive white board or display a map on a bulletin board. Have students circle locations in the state they think might be named after people from this section. Follow up with a group and/or individual research project to find out if the names of those people are connected to the names of those locations. To extend the activity, have students select another location in North Carolina (possibly related to your location) and figure out why it has that name.

  • North Carolina Essential Standards
    • Social Studies (2010)
      • Grade 4

        • 4.H.2 Understand how notable structures, symbols and place names are significant to North Carolina. 4.H.2.1 Explain why important buildings, statues, monuments and place names are associated with the state's history. 4.H.2.2 Explain the historical significance...

North Carolina curriculum alignment

Social Studies (2003)

Grade 4

  • Goal 1: The learner will apply the five themes of geography to North Carolina and its people.
    • Objective 1.04: Evaluate ways the people of North Carolina used, modified, and adapted to the physical environment, past and present.