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These teaching suggestions are designed to help fourth-grade teachers discuss the article “A Little Kingdom in Carolina” with students.

  • Before students begin reading use the anticipation guide for this article, which will support student comprehension. The guide will also provide the teacher with a sense of which concepts in the article students may have difficulty understanding.
  • As students read, have them take notes of things they think are important and/or things they don’t understand.
  • For more information have students check out these sources:
  • Students will encounter a number of vocabulary terms during the reading: Protestant, Catholics, religious freedom, persecution, monarchy, parliament, Puritans, Commonwealth, dictator, indentured servants, proprietary colony, feudal system. Discuss the words while reading as a class. Encourage students to use context clues to determine the words’ definitions. You could also post the words in the classroom so students can see them and take note of them while reading.
  • Questions to consider while reading the article divided by section.
    • Virginia on its own:
      • What were the two changes that led to the first permanent white settlements in North Carolina?
      • What caused Virginians to move away?
    • Turning back the clock in Carolina:
      • How did the area where we live get the name Carolina?
      • How did the Lords Proprietor expect to make money from the new land?
    • Trouble from the start:
      • Why do you think the Lords Proprietors had more difficulty running the colony than they had originally thought?

  • North Carolina Essential Standards
    • Social Studies (2010)
      • Grade 4

        • 4.H.1 Analyze the chronology of key historical events in North Carolina history. 4.H.1.1 Summarize the change in cultures, everyday life and status of indigenous American Indian groups in North Carolina before and after European exploration. 4.H.1.2 Explain...
        • 4.H.2 Understand how notable structures, symbols and place names are significant to North Carolina. 4.H.2.1 Explain why important buildings, statues, monuments and place names are associated with the state's history. 4.H.2.2 Explain the historical significance...

North Carolina curriculum alignment

Social Studies (2003)

Grade 4

  • Goal 3: The learner will trace the history of colonization in North Carolina and evaluate its significance for diverse people's ideas.
    • Objective 3.02: Identify people, symbols, events, and documents associated with North Carolina's history.