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campaign flyer

White people wake up

Before it’s too late

You may not have another chance

Do you want?

  • Negroes working beside you, your wife and daughters in your mills and factories?
  • Negroes eating beside you in all public eating places?
  • Negroes riding beside you, your wife and your daughters in buses, cabs and trains?
  • Negroes sleeping in the same hotels and rooming houses?
  • Negroes teaching and disciplining your children in school?
  • Negroes sitting with you and your family at all public meetings?
  • Negroes Going to white schools and white children going to Negro schools?
  • Negroes to occupy the same hospital rooms with you and your wife and daughters?
  • Negroes as your foremen and overseers in the mills?
  • Negroes using your toilet facilities?

Northern political labor leaders have recently ordered that all doors be opened to Negroes on union property. This will lead to whites and Negroes working and living together in the South as they do in the North. Do you want that?

Frank Graham favors mingling of the races

He admits that he favors mixing Negroes and whites — he says so in the report he signed. (For Proof of This, Read Page 167, Civil Rights Report.)

Do you favor this — want some more of it? If you do, vote for Frank Graham

But if you don’t

Vote for and help elect

Willis Smith for Senator

He will uphold the traditions of the South


the report he signed

The report of the Committee on Civil Rights (see sidebar).

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