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The Paideia Seminar: Active thinking through dialogue


The Paideia Seminar: Active thinking through dialogue

Provided by The National Paideia Center.

PAIDEIA (py-dee-a) from Greek, pais, paidos: The upbringing of a child. (Related to pedagogy and pediatrics.) In an extended sense, the equivalent of Latin humanitas (from which “the humanities”), signifying the general learning that should be the possession of all human beings.

Paideia is a philosophy of education that emphasizes quality, rigor, and lifelong learning. In a Paideia Seminar, students and teacher participate in a collaborative, intellectual dialogue facilitated with open-ended questions about a text.

This teacher training manual, provided by The National Paideia Center, provides a valuable set of resources for educators who want to begin using the Paideia approach. The manual includes an explanation of what Paideia is, how it works, and why it’s relevant; a thorough discussion of the Paideia Seminar; a step-by-step guide to planning a Seminar; lists of responsibilities for facilitators and participants; planning tools, including questions and rubrics; assessment tools; and sample texts and plans.

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