students in action

Students work on a history project (Photograph by Kathleen Casson. More about the photograph)

Essential Standards


Critical Understandings: using historical thinking, expansion and decline of civilizations, modern societies, global interactions, North Carolina history, US history

Geography and Environmental Literacy

Critical Understandings: geographic factors that influence the emergence, expansion, and decline of civilizations; applying the tools of a geographer; geographic factors that shape modern societies and regions; geography of North Carolina and the US

Economics and Financial Literacy

Critical Understandings: economic activities of civilizations and modern societies, economic activities of North Carolina and the United States

Civics and Governance

Critical Understandings: development of government in various civilizations and modern societies and regions, NC government, US government, the role of the citizen in societal change


Critical understandings: behaviors and practices of individuals and groups that influence civilizations, the influence of cultural values on relationships between individuals, how different cultures influenced North Carolina and the US