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Resources Specific to Social Studies

Social Studies Teaching Methods

The Paideia Seminar
Paideia embodies an educational approach that prepares students to participate fully in a democratic society over the course of their entire lives.
Socratic Method
This article explains the history and theory of the Socratic method of teaching, which emphasizes teacher-student dialogue. The article offers suggestions for creating Socratic circles and Socratic seminars and provides resources for further reading.
Inside-outside Circle
During inside-outside circle, students either sit or stand facing each other in two concentric circles and discuss a classroom topic.
Three-step Interview
Three-step interview is an alternative strategy for fostering group discussion.

Reading Primary Sources

Teaching with Primary Sources
A series of articles about teaching with primary sources.

Writing in the Social Studies curriculum

Rethinking Reports
A little creativity can make research a rewarding learning experience for students and teachers alike.

Teaching about maps

Map Skills and Higher-Order Thinking
This series of articles looks at map skills as a kind of visual literacy, considering what maps are, how they’re made, and the higher-order thinking skills students need to move from simply decoding maps to fully comprehending them.

Oral Histories

Oral History in the Classroom
Oral history lets students learn about history from the people who lived it. This series of articles will show you how to bring oral history into your classroom, whatever grade you teach.

Interdisciplinary Approach to History

Where English and History Meet: A Collaboration Guide
An article discussing the advantages of teaching English and history in concert.

Teaching World Cultures

Teaching World Cultures
This article presents some general guidelines and specific strategies for global teaching.