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Hanuman wrests stone from sea dragon's mouth (Thai Ramayana mural)

Wondering why the bridge to Lanka is not progressing quickly, Hanuman goes to investigate. He then finds the fish and other sea creatures sent by the demon king Ravana's mermaid daughter to carry off the bridge stones. Here, he wrests a stone from the mouth of a sea dragon. (Photograph by Margery H. Freeman. More about the photograph)

Hanuman fights a sea dragon taking a stone from the bridge, as seen on a mural at the Emerald Buddha Temple.

Hanuman stands with one foot in the dragon’s mouth as he pulls his upper jaw open to release the stone that the dragon has taken from Rama’s bridge to Lanka. With his left arm fully extended, Hanuman points to the right of the frame. In this detail, only the dragon’s head is visible above the water.