North Carolina History Digital Textbook Project

Tobacco bag stringing: Secondary activity two

By Pauline S. Johnson


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This is one of a series of activities that will help educators use the Tobacco Bag Stringing project materials in their classrooms. Throughout the series students will learn about tobacco stringing, study primary source documents and visuals, and practice critical thinking and analysis skills.

This activity should be done after Activity one, which is the introductory activity about tobacco bag stringing.

Learning outcomes

  • Students will read and evaluate primary source letters.
  • Students will experience historical empathy.
  • Students will practice higher order thinking.

Teacher planning

Materials needed

Time required for lesson

20 minutes for one activity, 40 minutes for all three activities.


  1. Pass out copies of the letter excerpt to students.
  2. The activities can be done in student groups, individually, or as a whole class activity.


Assess by clarity of student understanding as evidenced during discussion.