Communist resistance

A statue at My Lai memorializes Communist resistance to the United States during the Vietnam War. (Learn more)

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The Soviet-style statue shows a woman standing erect with her right fist raised up toward the sky. A limp baby dangles from her left arm. Three other adults, including one man with a beard, sit fallen over at the woman’s feet.

The statue represents the innocent civilians (symbolized by the woman wearing a long dress with her hair in a bun) who suffered terrible losses (symbolized by the limp baby) yet bravely stood up to the American army aggressors. Communist art is often characterized by boldly realistic or abstract figures representing the noble commoner fighting an unjust oppression. Communist political symbolism is usually easy to interpret because it is aimed towards popular understanding by the uneducated masses.

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abstract adj.
In art, not representing a human or other recognizable form.
unjust adj.
Not fair; not in keeping with principles of justice.
symbolism n.
The use of symbols or signs to represent ideas or qualities.

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