The DMZ was the target of U.S. bombing and defoliant spraying intended to destroy potential cover for the Vietcong. (Learn more)

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During the Vietnam War, much of the region’s dense forest and human settlements were destroyed by U.S. bombings and defoliation campaigns. Defoliants, including “Agent Orange,” were combinations of herbicides intended to kill trees and other plants that could be used by soliders for cover from enemy troops. Between 1961 and 1971, the U.S. sprayed between 12 and 19 million gallons of herbicides on Vietnam, covering an estimated 6 million acres, half of which remains unrestored today.

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defoliation n.
The act of defoliating, or removing leaves from trees or plants for agricultural or military purposes.
herbicide n.
A chemical substance or living organism (called bioherbicides) used to kill or control vegetation such as brush, weeds, and competing or undesirable trees.

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