abstract adj.
In art, not representing a human or other recognizable form.
Annam n.
Old term for the French colonial areas of Vietnam. [more]
colonization n.
The process by which a nation sends settlers to a place to take control of it.
Confucian adj.
Deriving from the teachings of Confucius, a Chinese philosopher in the fifth century BCE who emphasized personal and governmental morality, correctness of social relationships, justice and sincerity.
conspicuous adj.
Easily seen; obvious.
cornice n.
A molding that projects above columns in Classical architecture.
defoliation n.
The act of defoliating, or removing leaves from trees or plants for agricultural or military purposes.
Demilitarized Zone n.
Buffer zone between North and South Vietnam created by the 1954 Geneva agreements that temporarily divided the country.
deployment n.
The sending of military forces into position for war.
dog tags n.
Slang term for engraved metal tags worn by U.S. soldiers on a chain around the neck for personal identification.
guerilla n.
Member of a small, independent force fighting irregular warfare, usually against a larger, regular army.
herbicide n.
A chemical substance or living organism (called bioherbicides) used to kill or control vegetation such as brush, weeds, and competing or undesirable trees.
Latin alphabet n.
The alphabet first used in Latin and now used in English as well as most of the languages of Europe, the Americas, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Pacific Islands.
maim v.
Wound or injure so that part of the body is permanently damaged.
Mansard adj.
A style of roof with two slopes on each of its four sides, with the lower roof being much steeper, that allows for maximum space in the attic of a building.
mortar n.
A short, smoothbore gun for firing shells (bombs) at high angles.
neoclassical adj.
Refers to revivals of Classical (ancient Greek and Roman) styles in art or architecture.
ornate adj.
Intricate or decorated with complex patterns.
parallel n.
Line of latitude. The 17th parallel is the line of latitude at 17 degrees north or south.
protectorate n.
A country that is controlled and “protected” by another.
punctuality n.
Being on time.
quoc ngu n.
System of writing for the Vietnamese language using a modified the Latin alphabet with accents and signs to represent the consonants, vowels, and tones of spoken Vietnamese.
relinquish v.
To give up control of something.
Saigon n.
Captial of French colonial Vietnam and later of South Vietnam; renamed Ho Chi Minh City after Vietnam's reunification in 1975, but still often referred to as Saigon.
Siam n.
Former name of Thailand.
statuary n.
A collection of statues or sculptures.
symbolism n.
The use of symbols or signs to represent ideas or qualities.
sympathizer n.
Person who supports to a particular side of a war.
transcription n.
The act of writing something down.
unjust adj.
Not fair; not in keeping with principles of justice.
vegetation n.
The plants or plant life in a region.
Vietcong n.
Organization supported by North Vietnam, fighting the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) during the Vietnam War.

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