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March 1909
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Original image housed by UNC Libraries / Documenting the American South

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  • North Carolina in the New South: Primary sources and readings explore North Carolina in the decades after the Civil War (1870–1900). Topics include changes in agriculture, the growth of cities and industry, the experiences of farmers and mill workers, education, cultural changes, politics and political activism, and the Wilmington Race Riot. (Page 3.4)
  • North Carolina History: A Sampler: A sample of the more than 800 pages of our digital textbook for North Carolina history, including background readings, various kinds of primary sources, and multimedia. Also includes an overview of the textbook and how to use it. (Page 7.4)

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Size: 341×500


Prizes will be awarded as usual this year for the best front yards and neatest kept premises.

In planting vines and shrubbery at the various houses, the company does not mean or intend to take the control or arrangement of the front yards away from the occupant. Our desire is merely to help beautify the village, and we want every one to help in his own way toward this end.

Flower seeds, grass seeds, and bulbs will be distributed as usual, dates of distribution to be posted later.

Every one who desires his front yard to be plowed will please give his name to Miss Richardson at once.

It is particularly requested that everybody who has chickens keep them cooped up or else in enclosed wire yards.

The following prizes will be awarded:

  • One First Prize $15.00
  • Two Second Prizes 10.00
  • Five Third Prizes 5.00
  • Ten Fourth Prizes 3.00
  • Ten Fifth Prizes 2.00
  • Fifteen Sixth Prizes 1.00

Those who received first or second prizes last year will not be allowed to compete for these prizes this year. They may however, compete for third prize or lower.

White Oak Cotton Mills.