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Photo by John T. Daniels.

Date created
December 17, 1903
This work is believed to be in the public domain. Users are advised to make their own copyright assessment and to understand their rights to fair use.
Original image housed by NASA

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  • North Carolina in the early 20th century: Primary sources and readings explore North Carolina in the first decades of the twentieth century (1900–1929). Topics include changes in technology and transportation, Progressive Era reforms, World War I, women's suffrage, Jim Crow and African American life, the cultural changes of the 1920s, labor and labor unrest, and the Gastonia stirke of 1929. (Page 1.6)

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Wright brothers' first flight

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Photograph of the Wright brothers’ first successful flight, December 17, 1903. Orville is piloting, while Wilbur is running at wingtip. The photograph was taken by John T. Daniels of the Kill Devil Hills Life Saving Station.