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This video was produced and developed as part of a collaborative effort between North Carolina State University's College of Education and the Distance Education and Learning Technology Applications (DELTA) unit. Additional editing by Daniel Lunk.

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October 2010
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In this video, a classroom dramatization illustrates a variety of appropriate and inappropriate behaviors by students and the classroom teacher. Viewers are encouraged to make note of the appropriate and inappropriate behaviors.

A follow-up video, “Classroom Behavior Analysis,” features a discussion of some of the behaviors in the video by Dr. Edward J. Sabornie, Professor and Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Special Education at NC State University. Dr. Sabornie’s article “Managing and Improving Behavior in Inclusive Educational Environments” provides thorough information on appropriate classroom behavior management.


Ed Sabornie, Ph.D. (00:02)
Hi, I’m Ed Sabornie, Professor of Special Education in the College of Education at NC State University, and I hope you learn something and enjoy the following video. The intent of this video is to determine how sharp you are in observing and counting inappropriate and appropriate behaviors of students and a teacher in a classroom. What you are going to see is a short video of a teacher with a small group of students in a classroom. The students will be involved in a lesson, and the teacher will be doing what teachers do, interacting with the students during this lesson. The students will be exhibiting various appropriate and inappropriate behaviors, and so will the teacher. Your task in this activity is to count and describe all the appropriate and inappropriate behaviors that you see demonstrated by both the teacher and the students in the classroom. There will be good things and bad things that you will observe in both the students and the teacher, and you should make note of these. Good luck in trying to catch all the appropriate and inappropriate behaviors that you see occurring on the video.
Teacher (01:29)
I’m distributing a recent newspaper, and I want you to turn to the next-to-the-last page, and read the editorial on page 14. It’s all about taxes. It’s important for you to learn different opinions on taxes, for they are informative. And, by reading different opinions, you can learn from others. You’ll have to pay taxes throughout your lives, and it’s not something that you can avoid. You know the old saying, "The only thing that you know for certain in life is death and taxes."
Student (02:05)
Why do we have to read this junk? This is so stupid!
Teacher (02:09)
Be quiet! No talking without teacher permission! Don’t you know the rules? What’s wrong with you? Now turn to page 14 and read silently, and when everyone is finished, we’ll talk about what you think.

[classroom activity]

Teacher (02:37)
Good job, Susan. I really like the way you are working on what I asked. Keep it up!

[classroom activity]

Teacher (03:38)
Yes Jane.
Jane (03:38)
I just wanted to remind you that I have to leave ten minutes early to go meet with another teacher.
Teacher (03:44)
Okay, thank you for reminding me.
Jane (03:44)
My pleasure.

[classroom activity]

Teacher (03:58)
That’s it, I am tired of your disobedience, go to the principal’s office and wait for me there until the end of class. You will be suspended from school if I have anything to do about it.
Student (04:06)
You can suspend me, I don’t care. I don’t know who you think you is. I should have dropped your class anyway.
Teacher (04:13)
The next person I catch seriously misbehaving is going to the office too. So you’d better read your editorial silently, and when everyone is finished, we’ll discuss its meaning. [To student] Thank you for sitting in your seat, not getting out of your seat, and doing what I asked. Because you were behaving appropriately, you will receive five extra bonus points on the next quiz. Thank you for your cooperation. Okay folks, put down the newspapers, and lets discuss the content of the editorial on taxes. What did you think of the author’s statement…