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Margery H. Freeman
Date created
Cartagena, Colombia
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Simon Bolivar statue in Cartagena, Colombia

Size: 1024×686

A statue depicts Simon Bolívar astride a horse in a park setting.

This statue is located in Bolívar park, in the center of the city of Cartagena. At the base of the statue is inscribed one of Bolívar’s famous sayings: “Cartagenians: If Caracas gave me life, Cartagena gave me glory.”

Simon Bolívar is known as “The Liberator,” of South America because of his efforts to free the colonies from Spanish rule. The movement for independence in Colombia began in 1810, but succeeded only in 1819 when Bolívar incorporated Colombia into the confederation of Gran Colombia. Gran Colombia included Ecuador and Venezuela (Panama was part of Colombia) until it dissolved into its component parts in 1830.