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About this photograph

Provided by the Green 'N' Growing Collection (The History of Home Demonstration and 4-H Youth Development in North Carolina), Special Collections, North Carolina State University Libraries.

Date created
c. 1950
Johnston County, North Carolina
Copyright unknown.
Original image housed by North Carolina State University Libraries Special Collections Research Center

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In the classroom

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a family of five sit around a small dining table in the kitchen eating a meal

Size: 1536×1184

In this black and white photograph a family of five is seating around a small table in the kitchen eating a meal.

Mr. and Mrs. Puckett sit across from each other. He has his hair slicked back and wears overalls. Although Mrs. Puckett sits with her back to the camera, one can see that she is wearing a striped dress, an apron, and hose with seams that run up the back. Two boys about a year apart in age sit together on the right; both are wearing long-sleeved shirts and jeans. The little girl on the left is munching a roll and looking at her father. She wears a striped dress.

The kitchen has painted horizontal paneling on the walls, linoleum on the floors, and a white enamel stove in the corner.