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About this photograph

Provided by the Green 'N' Growing Collection (The History of Home Demonstration and 4-H Youth Development in North Carolina), Special Collections, North Carolina State University Libraries.

Date created
c. 1920
North Carolina
Copyright unknown.
Original image housed by North Carolina State University Libraries Special Collections Research Center

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food helped to make the difference

These x-rays from the 1920s demonstrate the differences between children developing normally and those who develop rickets. The title of the black and white image is “Food Helped to Make the Difference.” There are four x-rays. The top set shows x-rays of the legs of a healthy five month old child on the left and the x-ray on the right shows the legs of a thirteen month old child with severe rickets. That child’s legs are described as having bending bones and spreading joints. Below, in the second set, the x-ray on the left shows the legs of a healthy three year old. The x-ray on the right shows the legs of another three year old child with healed rickets. This child is described as having bent, thickened bones with enlarged joints. The caption at the bottom of the image says, “X-rays show how an unbalanced diet may deform the bones of growing children.”