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About this painting

Robert W. Weir, Embarkation of the Pilgrims. Commissioned 1837; placed 1844. Capitol Rotunda, Washington, D.C.

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Original image housed by U.S. Capitol Complex

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Painting of Protestant pilgrims praying on the deck of a ship.  A rainbow is visible in the background on the left.

Size: 1024×670

Robert W. Weir’s painting, Embarkation of the Pilgrims, was commissioned in 1837. The painting depicts a group of Protestant pilgrims on the deck of the ship Speedwell before their 1620 voyage from Delft Haven, Holland, to the “New World.” William Brewster is holding the Bible and pastor John Robinson is helping lead a prayer. The pilgrims include Governor Carver, William Bradford, Miles Standish, and their families. At the left side of the painting, a rainbow is visible in the sky behind the ship.