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John Trumbull, General George Washington Resigning His Commission. Commissioned 1817; purchased 1824. Capitol Rotunda, Washington, D.C.

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Original image housed by U.S. Capitol Complex

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Painting of George Washington resigning his commission as Army Commander-in-Chief to Congress in 1783.  Washington stands in the center of the room, facing the members of Congress.

Size: 1024×670

John Trumbull’s painting General George Washington Resigning His Commission was commissioned in 1817 and purchased for display in the Capitol Rotunda in 1824. The painting depicts Washington submitting his resignation as Army Commander-in-Chief to the Congress on December 23, 1783. Washington stands in the center of the room at the Maryland State House in Annapolis — where Congress was meeting at the time — and addresses the president of the Congress, Thomas Mifflin. Among the other members of the Congress are Elbridge Gerry, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and James Madison. Trumbull, who created this painting, served under Washington in the Continental Army.