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About this photograph

History of Home Demonstration and 4-H Youth Development in North Carolina), Special Collections, North Carolina State University Libraries.

Date created
December 1947
Copyright unknown.
Original image housed by North Carolina State University Libraries Special Collections Research Center

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  • Farmville's choice: In this lesson, students will learn about rural life in North Carolina at the turn of the century. Home demonstration and 4H clubs implemented many programs to help people learn better farming techniques, ways of preserving food, and taking care of the home. Several North Carolina leaders went to great lengths to ensure the success of these programs. In part of this activity, students help the town of Farmville dedicate a monument to one of those people. (Page 3.1)

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A group of ladies posing around a dining table.

Sizes available: 1536×1234 | 500×402

In the black and white photograph a group of women pose around a lace covered dining table. The table is set with a silver tea service, a plate of thin wafers, and a Christmas decoration. The women are all dressed up and some hold Christmas presents. The woman standing in the center back with white hair and glasses and wearing a short-sleeved polka-dotted dress is Jane McKimmon. The women sitting almost directly in front of her but on the other side of the table with dark hair and long chain-link necklace is Ruth Current.