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Emily Jack
Date created
October 27, 2007
Fort Dobbs, North Carolina
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  • Colonial North Carolina: Colonial North Carolina from the establishment of the Carolina in 1663 to the eve of the American Revolution in 1763. Compares the original vision for the colony with the way it actually developed. Covers the people who settled North Carolina; the growth of institutions, trade, and slavery; the impact of colonization on American Indians; and significant events such as Culpeper's Rebellion, the Tuscarora War, and the French and Indian Wars. (Page 8.2)

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Photograph of eight French and Indian War re-enactors marching in a line.

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At Fort Dobbs in Statesville, North Carolina, French and Indian War re-enactors illustrate how provincial soldiers drilled to prepare for battle. Eight soldiers march in a line, carrying muskets upright. A drummer marches behind them, providing the cadence for the drill.