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From the Boston News-Letter, 1713.

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  • Colonial North Carolina: Colonial North Carolina from the establishment of the Carolina in 1663 to the eve of the American Revolution in 1763. Compares the original vision for the colony with the way it actually developed. Covers the people who settled North Carolina; the growth of institutions, trade, and slavery; the impact of colonization on American Indians; and significant events such as Culpeper's Rebellion, the Tuscarora War, and the French and Indian Wars. (Page 3.8)

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Ran-away last week from his Master Capt. John Corney of Boston, A Servant man Named Benjamin Wallis, aged about twenty years, well fed, full fac’d, beetle brow’d, pock freetn, brown hair curles at the end; had on a gray cloth Suite trim’d with black; and carry’d with him to the value of Tewnty Pounds in Money and Goods. Whosoever shall apprehend the said Run-away, and him safety [sic.] convey to Mr. John Frissel of Boston aforesaid Merchant, or give any true Intelligence of him; or what he carryed away, so as his Master may have him or what he carry’d, again; shall have Fifty Shillings reward besides all necessary Charges paid.

A Negro Woman Educated among the English and Speaks good English, aged about 30 years, to be Sold, Inquire at the House of Mr. Edward Richards in Love Street Boston, at the North End, and know further.

A Carolina Indian Boy about eleven years old, to be sold, Inquire at the Post Office in Boston.

Any Person or Persons that has Money to Lend at Interst, may have good Security either real or personal, Inquire at the Post Office in Boston.

A Parcel of old Bricks to be had for carrying away, Inquire at the Post Office in Boston and know further.

A Gally arrived here on Friday last from Bristol with Men and Women Servants to be disposed of. Inquire of Mr. Thomas Moffat, at his Warehouse in Merchants Row, Boston, and know further.