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  • State Climate Office of North Carolina: Students of all ages will enjoy learning about North Carolina's climate, whether on a field trip or in their classroom. Topics include extreme weather records, drought, tornadoes, El Nino and La Nina, hurricanes and North Carolina, and much more.
  • Hurricanes: A guide to teaching about hurricanes, including virtual field trips, lesson plans, and interactive websites.
  • Coastal weather issues: Planning for a hurricane: The unit is designed for seventh grade students who have been studying Earth and its atmosphere. In this sequence, students are faced with the realistic issue of personal and social decision-making when planning for hurricane strikes, which includes classification, tracking, and monitoring hurricanes, as well as planning for evacuations. The inquiry-based approach involves a WebQuest in which the learner will assume the role of an emergency management team member who must create a preparation plan for the community.

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Located on North Carolina State University’s Centennial Campus, the National Weather Service office provides tours for middle and high school students. Tours can be arranged any day of the week except Sunday during the hours of 10AM - 1 PM and 5 PM - 8 PM. Tours typically last 45 minutes to an hour. Group size is limited to 15, however back to back groups can be accommodated for large class sizes. Be aware that evening tours are at greater risk of being canceled or rescheduled due to weather. Call (919) 515-8209 for reservations. Or, make tour reservations online

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