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  • Greater Fair Bluff Historical Society Depot Museum: Students can learn about their Columbus County's history through artifacts and other exhibits at the Greater Fair Bluff Historical Society Depot Museum.
  • Onslow County Museum: Learn about the history of Onlsow County and "retrace the area's progression from 65 million years ago to the present."
  • Wayne County Museum: Students will learn about the history of Wayne County as well as the influence of historic events on the people and way of life in the area.

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Located at the corner of US Highway 158 (Jefferson Street) and NC Highway 306 (Church Street,) the Northampton County Museum displays historical artifacts from the county. It offers hands-on activities for younger students and several permanent exhibits which are child-sized and range from prehistoric to current events with a strong emphasis on natural resources. Exhibits change several times each year and various collections from local people are displayed. Next door to the Museum, the Country Doctor’s Office offers a unique view of the cramped and sparse office of Dr. C. G. C. Moore.

For more information or to arrange a tour, call 252-534-3811.