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Six hundred years ago a group of Native Americans settled on the spot where the Town Creek center is today. The spot held a fortified refuge and a sacred ritual ground. The Pee Dee culture once inhabited this place. Today you can find reconstructions, including an earthen mound with a major temple on top, an enclosed minor temple, and a mortuary hut, all surrounded by a palisade fence. The reconstructions were based on fifty years of archaeological excavations that began in the 1930s. The Town Creek Indian Mound is located in Montgomery County. The site is provided by the North Carolina Division of Archives and History. The website contains a section on Montgomery County and the vicinity, a Native American Cultural Synopsis, and a section on the Pee Dee Culture. There is also a web tour.

To schedule a visit to the Town Creek Indian Mound call (910) 439-6802 or send email to towncreek@ncmail.net

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