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  • Lake Higgins Environmental Education Center: See a fish hatchery, take a guided nature walk, and see models of fish and animals found in the area, all at Lake Higgins and the Lake Higgins Environmental Education Center.
  • Rendezvous Mountain Educational State Forest: North Carolina's system of Educational State Forests has been developed to "teach children and adults about the complex, interdependent ecosystems which make up a forest and which can be managed for a multitude of uses."
  • Tuttle Education State Forest: This state forest has been developed for use as a living outdoor classroom for students and adults to learn about the interdependent ecosystems of the forest.

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A unique outdoors experience. Located between the Piedmont and the Coastal Plain, Clemmons’ pine stands and hardwoods are set on a pleasant rolling terrain highlighted by streams and rock formations. These features are accessible by a series of well-marked trails, accented by exhibits and displays depicting the ecology of a managed forest.

Ranger conducted classes are available to groups of ten or more visiting the Forest. These classes have been designed to meet various science and social studies curriculum guidelines. Instructor’s activity packets and special study sites are available to assist teachers or other group leaders in using the Forest as an outdoor classroom. Clemmons Educational State Forest has added a new outdoor classroom for teaching visitors about North Carolina’s river basins and the importance of water quality to the citizens of the state. Their class, Water Investigation “includes a river basin activity book for students, a brochure for forest visitors and more than two dozen trailside interpretive signs designed to educate the public about non-point source pollution prevention.”

To arrange for a class field trip to the Clemmons Educational State Forest, call (919) 553-5651 or send an email to clemmonsesf@mindspring.com.

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