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Whether you develop your own course or adapt one of ours, you will use Moodle. Moodle is a complete online learning management system (LMS) and includes all the tools you will need to create and administer your course.

Before you begin, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this course instructor-led? Moodle is amazingly effective when the content being taught is collaborative and requires an instructor. If your course is not instructor-led, it is a tutorial, and there are less robust options that may be more appropriate for you.
  • Is the course appropriate for an online audience? Online courses have to engage learners differently than in face-to-face instruction. Have you created, or do you have access to multimedia such as graphics, Flash animations, audio, or video?
  • Who created the content? Copyright laws are different for online courses than they are for your classroom.
  • Are you ready for a new challenge? Even the most accomplished classroom teachers report that teaching online was an exciting new challenge, one that forced them to re-think even the most basic concepts of learning and student interaction.

LEARN NC currently offers an online training course designed to help you put your course on the Internet. Completion of Moodle Training entitles you to server space to host your course, as well as technical support.

For further instruction in online teaching, you may wish to take “Teaching Online Courses” and “Developing Your Online Course.”

For a complete list of LEARN NC online courses, please visit our Online Courses - Open for enrollment page for more information.

As a stipulation of your user agreement, all courses created on LEARN NC’s server must be open for statewide enrollment or must be made available for download, which would allow other school systems to teach your course when you have completed it.