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Teach an online course in your school system with LEARN NC and Moodle. We’ve made LEARN NC’s Moodle platform available to all public school teachers in North Carolina, enabling schools of any income level and geographic location to increase their teaching capacity online.

Getting started

You must first complete the Moodle Training course. Moodle Training will introduce you to the basics of managing a course online. You’ll learn to set up and grade tests, uploading assignments, having online discussions via Moodle’s interactive message boards, and more.

Choose your course

LEARN NC gives you the option of creating a course from scratch, or adapting a copy of one of ours. Please see our list of currently shared courses to see which course is right for you.


If you have taken Moodle Training, there are no costs to creating, sharing or teaching courses on the LEARN NC Moodle server.

How to request a course

When you complete your training, LEARN NC will create a new copy of the course you request. You can then customize or edit your course to meet your system’s needs.

You can submit your new course request by calling 919-962-HELP or emailing helpdesk@learnnc.org. The registrar will then provide you with information on how you and your students can access your course.

Currently shared courses

Help yourself to LEARN NC’s library of shared online courses. Our online K-12 courses are aligned to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, and LEARN NC’s professional development courses for teachers follow a researched model for quality professional development and online learning.

Teaching Skills


English as a Second Language

Social Studies



Career and Technology Education

  • e-Commerce I
  • e-Commerce II
  • Multimedia and Webpage Design

Note: When you begin teaching someone else’s course, you then become responsible for obeying copyright laws in that course. Editing or adding copyrighted course materials may result in copyright infringement.