mockup of an yellow and peach-colored bedroom

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Learning outcomes

Students will:

Teacher planning

Time required for lesson

2 weeks


Technology resources

Access to computers with word processing software.



  1. Have students draw a scaled drawing using graph paper and the measurements from their room. Include doors, closets, and window placements.
  2. Students will also draw furniture to scale using their list of things they “need” to have for their bedroom. They may cut these out from construction paper and glue each item on their graph paper.
  3. Sixth grade students will make a collage of their furnishings for their room using old magazines.
  4. Seventh and eighth grade students will make a scaled drawing of one wall of their room using one-point perspective. A brief review of one-point perspective and terminology such as horizon line, view point, vanishing point, guide lines etc. should be done with students.
  5. All students will write a brief description of their room and type it using word processing software on classroom computer.


Supplemental information


This plan could be expanded to make three-dimensional scale constructions of a room. Frame shops have scrap foam board and mat board that they will donate. Pieces of terry cloth or felt could be used for carpet. Scrap fabric donated by parents can be used for draperies, bedspreads, etc.

North Carolina curriculum alignment

Visual Arts Education (2001)

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8