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  • Reform and a new era: Brief history of the Progressive Era in the United States, including the administrations and reforms of presidents Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson.
  • The United States and World War I: Article summarizes the reasons for U.S. involvement in World War I, President Wilson's role in the peace talks, and the nation's return to isolationism after the war, including the "Red Scare." A sidebar summarizes North Carolina's contributions.
  • Watergate: History of the Watergate scandal that ended in President Richard Nixon's resignation from office.

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Electoral vote
state electoral votes
Lincoln Douglas Breckenridge Bell
free states Union Maine 8
New Hampshire 5
Vermont 5
Massachusetts 13
Rhode Island 4
Connecticut 6
New York 35
New Jersey 4 3
Pennsylvania 27
Ohio 23
Indiana 13
Illinois 11
Michigan 6
Wisconsin 5
Minnesota 4
Iowa 4
Oregon 3
California 4
slave states Maryland 8
Delaware 3
Kentucky 12
Missouri 9
Confederacy Virginia 15
Tennessee 12
North Carolina 10
South Carolina 8
Georgia 10
Florida 3
Alabama 9
Mississippi 7
Louisiana 6
Arkansas 4
Texas 4
Total electoral vote 180 12 72 39
Popular vote
  number of votes percent
Lincoln 1,865,908 39.8
Douglas 1,380,202 29.5
Breckenridge 848,019 18.1
Bell 590,901 12.6