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Course description

Many rubrics are mere checklists — they may be useful, but they often don’t allow for much student growth. This course will help you use your own content knowledge and the wealth of information available about assessment to create, analyze, and critique rubrics.

You will design and discuss rubrics as a tool to foster self-assessment and reflection in students. Rubrics will create understanding not only of the content being taught, but also the performance standards students must meet and the quality of work they produce.

Course objectives

Teachers will gain a greater appreciation for rubrics and broaden their ability to create quality rubrics that match their specific needs in the classroom.

  • Teachers will understand how rubrics can be used in the classroom as an assessment tool for a variety of subjects.
  • Teachers will understand the value of rubrics.
  • Teachers will understand how to write a variety of rubrics.
  • Teachers will use web tools to help when writing rubrics

Course information

This course is appropriate for teachers of all subjects and grade levels.
Four weeks
1.0 CEU

Standards alignment

North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards (2009)

  • Goal 4: Teachers facilitate learning for their students.
    • Objective 4.08: Teachers use a variety of methods to assess what each student has learned.
  • Goal 5: Teachers reflect on their practice.
    • Objective 5.01: Teachers analyze student learning.
    • Objective 5.02: Teachers link professional growth to their professional goals.