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This is the second course in the America on the World Stage series.


Hands-On the Founding Fathers is not your old style history class!

History teachers love to tell stories, and students love to hear them! However, listening to stories is not the same as doing history. Students need to feel the thrill of handling a primary document, then use chronological thinking, historical comprehension, historical analysis and interpretation, and historical research to make everything they find come alive!

In this course you’ll learn how your students’ can experience history and not just sit and listen to it! You will not be asked to learn one historical fact, although you may need to remember or look up a few facts to do the assignments. You will use many different tools to analyze primary sources and teach your students to do the same.

We’ll make history come alive so your students will be able to feel the same way you do!

Course objectives

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • have strategies to use in enabling students to “do” history using primary sources to interpret history for themselves.
  • become familiar online resources for primary sources and lesson plan ideas from the Library of Congress, America on the World Stage, and other online sites.
  • practice using different historical inquiry methods including SCIM-C, a set of questions to aide in analysis of primary documents.

Course information

This course is appropriate for K-12 teachers
Time commitment
Participants are expected to work at least three to five hours per week over the course of five weeks. Each week you will be required to complete assignments, and engage in on-line discussions.
This course runs for five weeks. Our weeks begin midnight on Wednesday and end on midnight Tuesday.
Credits and fee
The course fee is $100.00 and upon successful completion the student will receive 3.0 CEUs.

Course outline

This course is divided into five weeks.

  • Week one: D0(ing) History!
  • Week two: Two Georges
  • Week three: Good-bye King George
  • Week four: Did it have to be this way?
  • Week five: Submit a lesson plan