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Resources created by Susan Lovett

Comparing & contrasting real & make-believe bears
Student pairs create a Venn Diagram in their Bear Research Journal listing things that are the same and different about real and make-believe bears.
Format: lesson plan (grade 1 English Language Arts and Mathematics)
By Susan Lovett.
Features of print
In this lesson, the teacher introduces the concept of gathering information from chapter headings, bold type and other organizational features of print (such as tables of contents) in non-fiction texts in print and online.
Format: lesson plan (grade 1–2 English Language Arts and Information Skills)
By Gail Goodling, Susan Lovett, and Sue Versenyi.
Using a Venn diagram to compare & contrast two types of bears
Students use their research on black bears and one other bear (panda, polar or grizzly) to complete a Venn Diagram.
Format: lesson plan (grade 1 Mathematics)
By Susan Lovett.
Using a Venn diagram to illustrate that bears and humans are both mammals.
Students use their collected information on bears to compare them to humans through a Venn diagram, as preparation for an introduction to mammals.
Format: lesson plan (grade 1 Mathematics and Science)
By Susan Lovett.
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