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Martha H. Dobson — B.A. French Education from UNC-Chapel Hill. Graduate work in French at East Carolina University. Add-on Certification in ESL. Trainer for N.C. Teacher Academy. Consultant with McGraw-Hill/McMillan for the ELL components of elementary texts. Have taught K–12 French, K–Adult ESL, middle and high school English and science. Taught three years in Saudi Arabia. Have traveled extensively in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America. Currently teach K–5 ESL at Harmony Elementary School in the Iredell-Statesville School System.

Resources created by Martha Dobson

An integrated lesson comparing the butterfly and frog life cycles
Students will build on their prior knowledge about the butterfly life cycle to compare and contrast the life cycles of butterflies and frogs. Students will locate butterflies on the school grounds and create pictographs and models of fractions to explain their findings mathematically. Students will also use a variety of resources to read about and study the food, space and air needed by butterflies and frogs to grow. They will create visual and written products to demonstrate their findings.
Format: lesson plan (grade 2 Mathematics and Science)
By Martha Dobson and Margaret Monds.
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