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I am a Reading Specialist at Shady Brook Elementary School in Kannapolis. I work with students in grades K-5, providing writing and reading remediation.

Resources created by Jody Shaughnessy

The Alphabet Tree
After reading The Alphabet Tree by Leo Lionni to students, the students will retell the events on a flow map. Then using Kid Pix software, each child will choose an event, illustrate it, and write a caption for it. The students will then put their events in order in a Kid Pix Slide Show they can present to the class.
Format: lesson plan (grade 1 English Language Arts)
By Jody Shaughnessy.
The Red-eyed Tree Frog and PowerPoint
Students will read The Red-eyed Tree Frog by Joy Cowley then plan and put together a PowerPoint slideshow which retells the story.
Format: lesson plan (grade 2 Computer/Technology Skills, English Language Arts, Information Skills, and Science)
By Jody Shaughnessy.
Snails: Fact and fiction
This lesson on snails integrates Science, Language Arts, Technology and Math. Teacher will share a fictitious snail story with students. Students will complete a K-W-L chart on snails with the help of the internet. As a related activity, students will take a poll on snail preferences and graph it.
Format: lesson plan (grade 2 English Language Arts, Information Skills, and Mathematics)
By Jody Shaughnessy.
Students will read Tarantula by Jenny Feely. Then they will summarize what they have learned about tarantulas by writing descriptive words or phrases on a graphic organizer. Finally, using the Kid Pix Studio Deluxe (or other similar drawing program), students will write sentences about tarantulas and make an illustration.
Format: lesson plan (grade 1–2 Computer/Technology Skills and English Language Arts)
By Jody Shaughnessy.
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