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Dinah Jackson is an Assistant Professor at Queens College. She specializes in learning and cognition, child development, and students with special needs. Orginally from Colorado, she has taught in the public schools for many years.

Resources created by Dinah Jackson

Sea inventory
In this lesson students will create a beach mural with sand, shells, and blue and white finger paints. They will count objects added to the mural as they go along.
Format: lesson plan (grade K–1 Visual Arts Education and Mathematics)
By Dinah Jackson.
Sea Inventory (Lesson 2 of 3)
In this lesson students will rote count the number of sea creatures and shells on our beach mural. Also, students will use problem-solving techniques for answering "bigger than" questions.

This is a thematic unit with three lessons. Lesson 1 details art activities. Lesson 2 describes math activities. Lesson 3 underscores language art activities.
Format: lesson plan (grade K Mathematics)
By Dinah Jackson.
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