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Customer service jobs: Building skills for the future
In CareerStart lessons: Grade seven, page 1.9
In this lesson for grade seven, students will research customer service jobs and determine what skills translate to good customer service. The lesson will conclude with a discussion of how these skills might apply in future careers.
Format: lesson plan (grade 6–8 English Language Arts)
By Jen Presley.Adapted by Kenyatta Bennett and Sonya Rexrode.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Online Visitor Information Center
Maintained by the National Park Service this web page is useful for anyone planning a trip to the King historic site in Atlanta, GA or interested in the life of the civil rights leader.
Format: article/field trip opportunity
Food service professionals: Working with fractions
In CareerStart lessons: Grade six, page 2.2
This lesson for grade six demonstrates how an understanding of fractions is important in the food service industry. Students will use operations with fractions to determine how many recipes to make for a given scenario.
Format: lesson plan (grade 6 Mathematics)
By Kim Abrams, Mike McDowell, and Barbara Strange.
Making connections for environmental education
How can you get students fired up about environmental education? Get them outside and get them involved in local issues through activism, service learning, and teaching others.
Format: article/best practice
By Carolyn Moser.
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Intentional combination of community service objectives and learning opportunities that benefits both the recipient and provider of the service. Student service learning projects should be structured to link learning tasks to self-reflection so that they enrich learning, strengthen communities, and teach civic responsibility.

See also experiential education.

Additional information

Service learning is a model of experiential education and combines both action and reflection. It is popular at all levels of schooling, from kindergarten through university study, and can be appropriate for any subject area. Community service credits are a graduation requirement in some school districts.

Examples and resources

Learn and Serve America” shares information on service learning, including its history, research, and resources for educators. In addition, NCDPI maintains a website on “Service Learning K-12.”