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Aligned lesson plans

What is nutrition?
In I’m on a diet and proud of it: Nutrition through math and science, page 10
Students use all they’ve learned and experienced throughout the I'm On a Diet and Proud of It unit to choose and complete an assessment option that will immerse them in food chemistry and nutrition careers.
Format: lesson plan (grade 4 Computer/Technology Skills, English Language Arts, Guidance, Healthful Living, and Science)
By Karina Colón.
What are some careers in biomusicology?
In BioMusic, page 2.11
By gathering information in books, from interviews, and on the Internet, learners will identify several career possibilities in the field of biomusicology research.
Format: lesson plan (grade 4–5 Guidance and Music Education)
By Debra Hall and Crystal Patillo.
In BioMusic, page 1.8
In this lesson, students will learn about the field of biomusicology. They will investigate current scientific research and understand how researchers often must work in teams to achieve their goals.
Format: lesson plan (grade 2–3 Guidance and Music Education)
By Debra Hall and Crystal Patillo.
Archaeology as a career
In Intrigue of the Past, page 5.2
In their study of archaeology as a career, students will read essays and complete an activity to gain an understanding of and appreciation for the career of a professional archaeologist.
Format: lesson plan (grade K–5 Guidance)