K–12 teaching and learning · from the UNC School of Education

Objective 1.01
Narrate a personal account which:
  • creates a coherent, organizing structure appropriate to purpose, audience, and context.
  • establishes a point of view and sharpens focus.
  • uses remembered feelings.
  • selects details that best illuminate the topic.
  • connects events to self/society.
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Objective 1.02
Analyze expressive materials that are read, heard, and viewed by:
  • monitoring comprehension for understanding of what is read, heard, and/or viewed.
  • reviewing the characteristics of expressive works.
  • determining the importance of literary effects on the reader/viewer/listener.
  • making connections between works, self and related topics.
  • drawing inferences.
  • generating a learning log or journal.
  • maintaining an annotated list of works that are read or viewed, including personal reactions.
  • taking an active role in and/or leading formal/informal book/media talks.
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Objective 1.03
Interact in group activities and/or seminars in which the student:
  • shares personal reactions to questions raised.
  • gives reasons and cites examples from text in support of expressed opinions.
  • clarifies, illustrates, or expands on a response when asked to do so, and asks classmates for similar expansion.
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Objective 1.04
Reflect on learning experiences by:
  • evaluating how personal perspectives are influenced by society, cultural differences, and historical issues.
  • appraising changes in self throughout the learning process.
  • evaluating personal circumstances and background that shape interaction with text.
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