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Objective 2.01
Analyze and evaluate informational materials that are read, heard, and/or viewed by:
  • monitoring comprehension for understanding of what is read, heard and/or viewed.
  • recognizing the characteristics of informational materials.
  • summarizing information.
  • determining the importance of information.
  • making connections to related topics/information.
  • drawing inferences.
  • generating questions.
  • extending ideas.
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Objective 2.02
Use multiple sources of print and non-print information to explore and create research products in both written and presentational forms by:
  • determining purpose, audience, and context.
  • understnaing the focus.
  • recognizing and/or choosing a relevant topic.
  • recognizing and/or selecting presentational format (e.g., video, essay, interactive technology) appropriate to audience.
  • evaluating information for extraneous detail, inconsistencies, relevant facts, and organization.
  • researching and organizing information to achieve purpose.
  • using notes and/or memory aids to structure information.
  • supporting ideas with examples, definitions, analogies, and direct references to primary and secondary sources.
  • noting and/or citing sources used.
  • recognizing the use of and/or employing graphics such as charts, diagrams,and graphs to enhance the communication of information.
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