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Objective 4.01
Analyze the purpose of the author or creator and the impact of that purpose by:
  • monitoring comprehension for understanding of what is read, heard, and/or viewed.
  • evaluating any bias, apparent or hidden messages, emotional factors, and/or propaganda techniques.
  • evaluating the underlying assumptions of the author/creator.
  • evaluate the effects of the author's craft on the reader/viewer/listener.
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Objective 4.02
Analyze and develop (with limited assistance) and apply appropriate criteria to evaluate the quality of the communication by:
  • using knowledge of language structure and literary or media techniques.
  • drawing conclusions based on evidence, reasons, or relevant information.
  • considering the implications, consequences, or impact of those conclusions.
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Objective 4.03
Use the stance of a critic to:
  • consider alternative points of view or reasons.
  • remain fair-minded and open to other interpretations.
  • construct a critical response/review of a work/topic.
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