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Antebellum North Carolina
Primary sources and readings explore North Carolina in the antebellum period (1830–1860). Topics include slavery, daily life, agriculture, industry, technology, and the arts, as well as the events leading to secession and civil war.
Format: book (multiple pages)
Colonial North Carolina
Colonial North Carolina from the establishment of the Carolina in 1663 to the eve of the American Revolution in 1763. Compares the original vision for the colony with the way it actually developed. Covers the people who settled North Carolina; the growth of institutions, trade, and slavery; the impact of colonization on American Indians; and significant events such as Culpeper's Rebellion, the Tuscarora War, and the French and Indian Wars.
Format: book (multiple pages)
North Carolina History: A Sampler
A sample of the more than 800 pages of our digital textbook for North Carolina history, including background readings, various kinds of primary sources, and multimedia. Also includes an overview of the textbook and how to use it.
Format: (multiple pages)
North Carolina in the New Nation
Primary sources and readings explore North Carolina in the early national period (1790–1836). Topics include the development of state government and political parties, agriculture, the Great Revival, education, the gold rush, the growth of slavery, Cherokee Removal, and battles over internal improvements and reform.
Format: book (multiple pages)
Revolutionary North Carolina
Primary sources and readings explore North Carolina in the era of the American Revolution. Topics include the Regulators, the resistance to Great Britain, the War for Indpendence, and the creation of new governments.
Format: book (multiple pages)

Resources on the web

African Voices
An online exhibit of historical and modern materials from Africa, as well as selections from contemporary interviews, literature, proverbs, prayers, folk tales, songs, and oral epics that reflect the diversity, dynamism, and global influence of Africa's peoples... (Learn more)
Format: website/general
Provided by: Smithsonian Institution
Asia for Educators
Features classroom materials and teaching guides on Asia for use by educators and students in world history, culture, geography, art, and literature. (Learn more)
Format: website/lesson plan
Provided by: Columbia University
Asia and its cultures, geography, political systems, arts, history, and business and economy. (Learn more)
Format: website/general
Provided by: Asia Society
The Canadian Encyclopedia Online
Activities, feature articles, games, the Canucklehead Quiz, and an extensive timeline of Canadian and world events. (Learn more)
Format: website/activity
Provided by: Historica Foundation
Colonial Williamsburg
This extensive website features access to the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Library collections, primary source materials, videos of what life was like in the 18th century in Williamsburg, Va. and much more. (Learn more)
Format: website/lesson plan
Provided by: Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Congress Constituency Maps
Interactive maps provide a close-up look at demographic and political data about every place in the United States. (Learn more)
Format: website/general
Provided by: FairData
Cool Planet for Teachers
This site from OxFam helps teachers bring global issues into the classroom. (Learn more)
Format: website/lesson plan
Provided by: OxFam
Cultural Landscapes
Maps in this collection show the growth of the United States during the period of westward expansion. (Learn more)
Format: website/general
Provided by: Library of Congress
Foreign Policy Association (FPA) Great Decisions Educators Corner
This free resource provides professional development, global educational resources, a teacher's forum, workshops, global conferences, grants and much more. (Learn more)
Format: website/lesson plan
Provided by: Foreign Policy Association
A wealth of global statistical information can be found on this site. Students can look for information on specific countries or regions. Countries are listed alphabetically. Each country has general information such as population, area, capital, and country... (Learn more)
Format: website
Provided by: Johan van der Heyden
Learning Network: New York Times On The Web
The New York Times On The Web's Learning Network offers daily lesson plans, education news, and current events quizzes and daily news summaries for students. (Learn more)
Format: website/lesson plan
Provided by: New York Times
Migration Information Source
The Migration Information Source provides fresh thought, authoritative data from numerous global organizations and governments, and global analysis of international migration and refugee trends. A unique, online resource, the Source offers useful tools, vital... (Learn more)
Format: website/general
Provided by: Migration Policy Institute
North By South
Culture, traditions, history and impact of the communities resulting from the 1900-1960 African-American migrations from south to north. (Learn more)
Format: website/lesson plan
Provided by: Kenyon College
North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Find information, statistics, data, maps and more about environmental topics that affect and impact North Carolina. Some of the many topics users can explore are the ozone, pollution prevention, mining, wetland, vehicle inspections, and soil erosion. (Learn more)
Format: website/general
Provided by: NC Dept of Environmental and Natural Resources
North Carolina Kids Page
This page is a place for kids to come to learn more about North Carolina and famous North Carolinians. In addition, the website offers children access to information about other states, homework help, games, a photo gallery and much more. (Learn more)
Format: website/general
Provided by: Office of the North Carolina Secretary of State